What is enhanced recognition?

Enhanced recognition helps our partners give you a more customised ad experience on Pick My Postcode, across the web, and across your devices.

What we will need to share:
  • A hashed and de-identified version of your email address that cannot be turned back into its original form
    e.g. 4afd0caf298f9fe323c0b970cd08cbae58d670954c579c773d2d319c769e5794
  • Your IP address and other technical information shared automatically through your browser when adverts are displayed, such as the page you are visiting
What we won’t share:
  • Your actual email address
  • Your postcode
  • Your account and survey data

Enhanced recognition is an opt-in feature that allows us to match a hashed and de-identified version of your email address with our partners. 

Each hash is unique, cryptographically secure and cannot be reversed without your email address, so our partners won't be able to use the hash to contact you.

Our partners will use the hash to set cookies on the devices you use when visiting the site. They may also record other technical information about your visit, shared through your browser, such as your IP address or information about your browser or operating system.

The hash is just a unique identifier to help our partners, and the companies they work with, to organise and process data from a wide variety of sources. The data will be used to give you a more customised ad experience on PMP, across the web, and across your devices.

Advertisers value personalised adverts over basic adverts because they are likely to be more relevant to you. This makes a greater contribution to our daily prizes and helps us limit the number of adverts we need to show our members.

Most adverts are personalised through temporary identifiers, such as cookies or IP addresses. This may make it difficult for you to enforce your data rights, especially in cases where the identifier has been lost through the deletion of cookies or a change in your IP address by your internet service provider.

Enhanced recognition solves this problem as the hash can simply be regenerated if deleted and can easily be verified by a data controller with only your email address.

How to opt-in
Opting-in is a two-step process that confirms settings on your device and your account separately. Enhanced recognition is only enabled when both your device and account are opted-in.

First you will need to ‘Allow All’ (or enable specific partners) through your advertising preferences. This allows enhanced recognition on your device. 

Next you will receive a prompt, like the one below, asking for confirmation before enhanced recognition is enabled on your account for the first time.

Once you have opted-in you can then control your settings from the privacy section of the account page to change your account setting, or by managing advertising preferences if you only want to change the setting on your device.

How to opt-out
You do not need to opt-out unless you have previously opted-in.

To opt-out on an account level, please visit the privacy settings section of the account page and untick any of the providers you no longer wish us to share your hash with.

You can also opt-out on a specific device by disabling providers through your advertising preferences.

Who we work with
We support enhanced recognition with the following partners:

LiveRamp Inc
LiveRamp's Privacy Policy can be viewed at: https://liveramp.uk/privacy/service-privacy-policy/
You can opt-out of LiveRamp's services, or make subject access requests by visiting: https://your-rights.liveramp.uk/home

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