How to manage your advertising preferences

The advertisements that you see when browsing our website help fund the daily prize draws. Without them it would not have been possible for us to give away over £1.25m to our lucky members.

It is in the legitimate interests of the website, our partners and our members for us to display some form of advertising, but your individual advertising preferences will allow you to consent to what data is processed by which partners when an advert is selected for you.
Changing your preferences
The consent tool that manages your preferences is LiveRamp Privacy Manager and it works in accordance with the Transparency and Consent Framework by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Your choices are applied when you are visiting our website only and they will not affect your preferences elsewhere online.
You can change your preferences by clicking on advertising preferences, which is linked to at the bottom of each page of the main website or found on the privacy settings on your account page.
The consent tool will also be shown to you if no settings are found or the list of purposes and partners has changed since your last visit.
Deny All
By selecting ‘Deny All’ you are significantly reducing the number of partners and advertisers that can display adverts on the site. Adverts will still be shown to you but our partners will only have access to the information that your browser shares with them. This includes the page being visited, your approximate geographical location (but not your postcode) and the type of device you are using.
Partners will be severely restricted with what they can do with your data and you are likely to see more basic adverts that are much less relevant to you.
These basic adverts contribute less to our daily prizes and more adverts will need to be displayed to maintain prizes at our current levels.
Some features of the website that require specific data processing or cookies may be broken or unavailable to you should you choose to ‘Deny All’. This includes the Facebook comments.
Accept All
Choosing to ‘Accept All’ will enable all our partners and advertisers to display adverts on the site. They will also be able to personalise the adverts you see based on the data that they have already collected about you or that you have previously shared with them. This includes the data that your browser automatically shares with them which includes the page being visited, your approximate geographical location (but not your postcode) and the type of device you are using.
Unlike many other websites, choosing to ‘Accept all’ does NOT enable us to share your email address, postcode or account data, including survey responses, with our partners.
Advertisers value personalised adverts over basic adverts because they are likely to be more relevant to you. This makes a greater contribution to our daily prizes and helps us limit the number of adverts we need to show our members.
Manage Settings
Opting to ‘Manage Settings’ will allow you to customise what can be done with your data as well as who can use it. You can ‘Give Consent to All’ then go through the list to disable any purposes or partners you are uncomfortable with using your data. 
You also have the option to ‘Revoke Consent to All’ if you decide to only turn on the purposes and partners that you trust.
The more purposes and partners that are enabled, the more relevant the adverts will be to you. It will also make a greater contribution to our daily prizes than choosing to ‘Deny All’.
If you have followed the advice above and keep seeing the consent tool, please make sure you have enabled cookies (& third party cookies) in your browser. These cookies are strictly necessary to allow the consent tool to save your preferences.
An easy way to check if you have cookies & third party cookies enabled is to visit:
For any other problems, please email
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