The survey bonuses can take up to 72 hours to appear. Please don't contact us before that! If the bonus doesn’t appear after 72 hours we’ll need the following details:
What browser you're using to access the site.
The subject of the survey.
How many questions you answered. Or percentage of survey completed, if known.
Approximately what time you completed the survey.
How much bonus was offered
Please email these details to
If possible, please include screenshots of how much the survey was for and of the last page that you saw /the error message that you saw. We are aware that this is not always possible, it is just a suggestion that can help our administrators. A screenshot of a page beyond 80% will also work as proof.
If neither PMP nor Pollfish / Your Surveys / / Prodege / Cint  / Pure Spectrum (etc) has a record of your completed survey then we cannot be held liable.
When completing surveys please make a note of your PMP bonus before you take part.
A note about getting screened out
There is nothing worse than being invited to a survey and then getting screened out after working on it for ten minutes. We're aware of this. In fact, it’s one of the biggest complaints people have about online surveys all over the net - not just on PMP..
The way survey sites work is that they need to get specific opinions from a specific group of people. This 'group' is what survey sites refer to as a demographic. Market research companies need very specific demographics to answer their surveys because that’s how they ensure that the answers are as accurate as possible. Since there is such a demand for market research and there are so many survey takers that could be invited, they tend to invite more people than they need. That way, the sites are ensuring that they have enough of the specific type of participants they need, even if it means that they have to weed through the not-so-right ones to get them.
In most cases, you simply may have been too late responding to your invitation, and your demographics have already been filled or because your demographic happened to reach its quota as you were completing it. In other cases, you get screened out because your demographics just don’t match what that particular survey needs. Disqualification is slightly different. When a survey tells you that you didn’t qualify, it’s usually because something in the way you answered questions didn’t work. In other words, it’s often (but not always) the result of user error. For example, you rushed through answering the questions or you didn’t read the instructions or questions thoroughly enough.
Please be aware that you may not be able to complete surveys while you are abroad on holiday, Cint /Your Surveys will block a user if they are using an IP address which is outside the UK, for example. We would therefore recommend that you do not attempt to do any surveys from outside of the UK to avoid being blocked.

A note about the subject of surveys.

Please be aware that we often don't know the contents of an external survey. The only ones made by us are the ones which reveal the winning postcode of the Survey Draw, the rest are made by other companies. Please be aware that some surveys might contain questions on sensitive subjects, which some might find upsetting.

If you experience technical issues with external surveys.

If you experience issues such as pages not loading / buttons not working / a lack of a 'Next' button, etc, please email us at, explaining the issue and if you are happy to, please grant us permission to share your details with that external company.

Then we will be able to report the issue to them, for them to find and fix. Sadly, without permission to share details, they will not be able to find the particular activity to locate the problematic survey.

If permission is granted from the get go, it is more likely that the survey will still be live and the company will be able to fix the issue. Once the survey is closed, the issue will not be able to be fixed at that time and we will have to wait for the next occurrence.

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