I'm having issues with the video draw. How can I fix it?

Do you have an adblocker running? If so then you won't be able to see the Video Draw - sorry, but the site relies on advertising to fund the prizes! Please whitelist Pick My Postcode. You can check whether you have ad adblocker running here: https://www.detectadblock.com/ 

If you're having issues accessing the postcode or viewing the video, please contact admin with a screenshot and a description of the issue  (or any error message if one was provided). You should also try any of the suggestions below.

Internet Explorer

Some users have reported improved video support by going to Internet Explorer's settings and changing the setting for "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" on the Advanced Tab. Please try the opposite setting and reload the page before contacting support.

We would also recommend switching to a less  outdated browser as Microsoft's support for Internet Explorer 10 and below has ended.

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