Forum Guidelines

We use a Facebook Plugin for comments on each page of the site. You must have a Facebook account to use this commenting system. 

We also have a separate comment section for those without a Facebook account underneath the Facebook Plugin.


Currently, users do not need to assign themselves a nickname on the PMP comments. However it makes conversations much easier to follow when we can see who you are!

It’s a good idea to read through the information on the site FAQ and the other participant’s comments before getting involved in the discussion yourself. If you have a question, it's very likely to have already been asked and answered previously. 

We would prefer users to be referred directly to the FAQ if they have a query. 

Be constructive. It’s okay to disagree with other PMP-ers, in fact we encourage debate, just keep the dialogue positive.

Don’t bully, harass or threaten other PMP-ers. (Answering a lot of questions is not bullying or harassment.) 

Turn off the “CAPS LOCK”. Writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of SHOUTING and can cause offence.

Choose one page to post each of your unique comments. Don’t cut and paste the same comment into lots of different pages. These will be considered duplicates and may be removed.

Don’t be a “troll”. Trolls intentionally incite annoyance or offence. They do not participate constructively in the discussion and do not add any value to the debate. 

Please respect the moderators. They have final say on what is allowed on the site.

Try to avoid using acronyms or text talk. By sticking to plain English more people will understand the points you are trying to make.

PMP promotes lively discussion, but not to the point where some members, often silent, feel harassed.  We have therefore taken the decision to ban comments about US politics for a two month period.  We hope you understand.

If you feel that someone has insulted you, report their comment to the moderator by emailing with details of:

The page on which the comment can be found.

What time approximately the comment was made.

Don’t perpetuate the dispute. The moderator will take a look at the offending comment and decide whether it should be removed.

Moderation Rules

Never post personal information about another forum participant. This Includes identifying any individual by their real name if they have not already done so or providing personal contact information.

Don’t defame anyone or any organisation. A comment is defamatory if it lowers or harms the reputation of a person or organisation. If you wish to accuse someone of committing a crime or being an idiot this is not the place to do it.

Don’t post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age.

Don’t be obscene and don’t use foul language. Disguising swear words by deliberately misspelling them doesn’t make them any less offensive. 

Don’t post or link to any inappropriate, offensive or illegal material. Inappropriate content is anything that may offend or is not relevant to the discussion.

Don’t post any advertisements, however much you believe in the service or product. No referral links. Once is okay if you were unaware of the rules, but repeat offenders will get a ban.

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