I use Google Chrome, what do the new changes mean for PMP?

Google Chrome has just introduced a new ad-blocking feature that will work in your browser alongside any other ad-blockers you have installed.

This may block our £5 Flash Draw from appearing.

As you know, Pick My Postcode relies on advertising to run and give you the chance to win each day. We try to ensure that the ads aren't obtrusive and the annoying ones, ie. prestitial ads with countdowns, pop-ups and advertisements that auto-play with sound don't appear on PMP. We ask that if you see any of these types of adverts that you report them to us so we can investigate and ban them.

We hate these annoying ads too and we want to make sure PMP is an enjoyable daily experience, so you should be able to leave the Chrome Ad Filter off. (This will also mean you're still able to see the Flash Draw).

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