What happens if you mark PMP as spam?

We send hundreds of thousands of emails every day, and the vast majority are gratefully received by our members. We have a double-opt-in process that means you’ll only receive reminder emails if:

1. You signed up

2. You verified your email address by responding to an email we sent to you

Despite having the option to turn off email reminders in your account, some members mark our emails as spam or junk mail. This can have a negative impact on how quickly other members receive their reminder emails.

When you mark an email as spam or junk in your webmail app (such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo) the email provider logs it and sends us a warning that their user (you!) has made a spam complaint. We automatically stop sending reminders to members who have made these complaints, because if the email providers see too many complaints it will slow down or stop our reminders getting through to everyone else using their service.

Mistakes do happen, so the we allow our members to re-enable the reminders after the first two complaints we receive from their email provider. However, after a third complaint is received, we’ll no longer allow you to re-enable the reminder emails. This is to help ensure that our other members do not get adversely affected by the complaints.

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