My email reminders aren't coming!

We never stop your email reminders unless you ask us to.

You can see if your reminders are switched on, as well as edit your postcode and email address here:  (you will need to be logged in & have set up a password.)

If your reminders are already switched on and you're still not receiving them, the problem will lie with your email provider.  Here are instructions for the most common email providers.

Users with 1&1 mail accounts are currently having their emails blocked. this happens occasionally when email providers think we are spamming. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about these bans.

Unfortunately BT have started blocking emails from our former brand, Free Postcode Lottery. We will now be sending all BT members reminders from our Pick My Postcode domain , so you'll need to add the new address to your safe senders list to keep it out of the spam folder. 

Please visit BT's help page for more information regarding safe senders:

Remember to add to your email contact list & your Email Provider's Safe Senders List and make sure the emails haven't been going to your spam folder.

We would suggest that you bookmark /favourite our site in your browser, across all devices, so that you always have it to hand and if you have a smartphone, set your own reminder.

If you do use a smartphone, you can create a shortcut on your home screen that will take you directly to the site through your browser. app

If you use WhatsApp, you could follow the Pick My Postcode WhatsApp Channel. This is a brand new feature on WhatsApp and you can find instructions for this in this blog: PMP Joins WhatsApp Channels

If you have checked all these and none of them applies to you but you're still not getting email reminders then contact us. Contact

Sometimes we do have to pause the mailer if we see that there are technical difficulties during the send of the queue of the thousands of daily reminder emails. We always try to fix any issues as soon as possible but sometimes we can’t guarantee that the reminder will arrive at its usual time or on the correct day. Sorry if this happens.

The queue is randomised so that no favouritism takes place. There are many factors which could impact the send such as the quality of the internet connection at our server site or the quality of the internet at member’s locations. Please be aware that delays can happen, which is another reason why we encourage people to use other methods to remind them to check the site as well.

We are not liable for missed winnings if your Email Provider blocks our emails or filters them into your Spam / Junk folder or if any reminder message via any other provider such as WhatsApp Channels or Facebook fails. This is in accordance with our Rules.

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