How do I withdraw my bonus?

Your bonus is just that - a bonus amount added to your winnings when you win. At this time there is no option to withdraw this money on its own. We are a free prize draw giveaway and not a cashback website.

When your postcode is randomly selected as a winner by our system, you will see a Claim button, which you will need to click because winning is not an automatic process. You will then be sent the prize draw amount, plus the bonus in your account, via PayPal.* This is why it is called a bonus, it is an added bonus to winning.

Being able to pay out all the bonuses is something that we've considered, but it would completely change the risk/reward and how we fund and calculate the prizes.

The prizes would need to be significantly lower and we would have to drop the bonuses being rewarded in order to make it financially viable. It's a balancing act between offering a large amount of money with a small chance to win and a small amount of money with a large chance to win. It's really difficult to do both at the same time but we feel the current balance is about right.

We are actively looking to add more paid opportunities to the site (such as surveys and market research) and we have the £20 bonus draw to give dedicated members the best odds of winning a prize. We appreciate that better odds of winning a prize isn't as good as actually winning a prize, but it's the best we can do at present.

This FAQ article explains a bit more about the bonus:

Best of luck in the draws.

* Please note that the bonus gets added to every draw except the £5 Flash Draw. Please see this article for more details:

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