I have completed an offer but I haven't got my bonus!

Please wait at least 24 hours for your bonus to be added automatically.

Please ensure you do not have an adblocker turned on for the site. It will interfere with the tracking on the bonus offers. 

(Google Chrome has just introduced a new ad-blocking feature that will work in your browser alongside any other ad-blockers you have installed. You will also need to change the setting for that. Please see more info about this Here

Also, we have been told by a couple of the companies that we are affiliated with that another reason it doesn't track back could be because the member did not accept the cookies on their website. Unfortunately, if cookies are not accepted then the completion of the offer and the acquisition of a new customer cannot be tracked back to us, the member doesn't get the bonus and then we don't get our commission.

Getting your bonus
We'll need to see proof that you have taken up the offer. Please provide us with either:

An email from the offer provider confirming that you have joined.


A screenshot of your account/ the extension working in your browser.

Send your proof to admin@pickmypostcode.com 

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