How do I delete my data or get a copy through a Subject Access Request?

Data protection regulation gives you the right to access and update the personal data we hold about you and the right to understand how it is being processed, used and shared. It also gives you the right to ask us for a copy of your data, which is usually referred to as a Subject Access Request or SAR.

A SAR can also be used to ask us to delete personally identifiable data we hold about you, except where this data needs to be kept (either as outlined in our Privacy Policy or as required by law).

The majority of the data we hold about you can be viewed and updated through the account page on Pick My Postcode, but you have the right to access this in an alternative format (such as a .csv file) if you'd prefer.

You can exercise your rights at any time by visiting the account page or by sending us details of your SAR to our Data Protection Officer at:

SARs or deletion requests will need to confirm of which of our websites you have joined (Pick My Postcode, Freemoji Lottery, Win a Dinner or Find Out Now) and the email addresses used to create the accounts (if different to the one used for the enquiry). You will also need to confirm your current and previous postcodes used on Pick My Postcode and any usernames used on our other websites.

We aim to respond to subject access requests within 28 days, starting the next working day (Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays) following receipt of the request.

If you are unhappy with anything related to the personal data you have shared with Pick, you have the right to make a complaint to our Data Protection Officer, or the Information Commissioner’s Office ( ).

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