Survey screenouts

The only surveys created by us at PMP are the ones on the Survey Draw page which reveal the winning postcode of that draw. Anything outside of this box is a survey made by another company.

Thanks for taking part in a survey with our partner. There are some things that you can do to make it more likely that you will be able to complete the survey:

  • Don’t use the same device as another user
  • Switch off your VPN before joining the survey
  • Accept the GDPR form when you enter the survey
  • Take your time with the answers in the survey

Sometimes you'll be screened out of a survey because you do not meet the demographic requirements. These could be anything such as age range, gender, location, employment status, where you shop etc. Or it could be that the bracket that you fit in to has had enough responses. The external surveys like to have an even amount of answers from each and each bracket type does not get completed at the same rate.

Sometimes you will be screened out due to the answers that you gave on previous surveys where the external, third party company's system knows what demographic bracket you fit into from past answers and knows that you're not eligible for that survey. Their systems are not supposed to show you surveys which you are not eligible to complete, but sadly their level of technology is not always at the level that we here at PMP or you our members would wish it to be. Sorry about that.

If you don't get shown any questions / don't get to answer anything then there is nothing for you to be screened out from and you can't get a 5p Screen Out Bonus.

If you did answer something and got screened out, you should get 5p added to your bonus when this happens. Please wait 72 hours for this to be added. If you have not received the 5p after the update period for our site has ended, please let us know and we will manually add it -

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