What is Pick My Postcode?

It's a lottery but you don't have to buy tickets. You just enter your postcode and if it is drawn you win money. You can only collect by visiting the site, but don't worry, a daily email is sent to remind you.

Here's how the site works in it's most basic sense:
1. You visit the site daily to check if your postcode has been drawn in one of the draws.
2. If your postcode is drawn, then you'll see a big 'Collect' button.
3. You click / tap the button, we're notified of the claim and we send your prize via PayPal.

We are able to offer this free prize draw giveaway because we sell space on our site to advertisers. We offer you the chance to win something for free, simply for a minute of your time. Our draws take place every day and as long as your account is active, you will have an entry into them.

As we get our money from the advertising, we do not inform anyone when they win or nobody would check the site. We require our members to check the draws on our site to build up the ad revenue which pays for the free prize draw amounts. There are daily reminder emails to remind you to check and see if you are a winner.

The following FAQ articles will inform you about how many draws we have and what time they are, to make sure that you don't miss out on a chance of winning: What are the different draws?
What time do they happen?

Please be aware that winning is not an automatic process, you need to hit the button. This means you need to check every day!

If you don't log in for two weeks then your account will become dormant and your entry into the draws will be removed, so this is the only 'catch', so to speak. Only active accounts are eligible to claim a win.

Rules of Pick My Postcode.

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